New Client Project Questionnaire

4. On a scale of 1 to 5, what is your risk tolerance for humor in this project?

5. What kind of content are you interested in creating? Feel free to choose more than one.
High Production VideoLow Production VideoLong Form Writing (blogs, articles, newsletters)Short Form Writing (social blurbs, jokes, one-liners)Memes, Gifs, or CartoonsEvent (Branded comedy show, corporate event)

6. What is your primary goal(s) for this project?
Generate explosive awarenessGenerate steady awarenessImprove brand imageIncrease audience engagementEncourage Call-to-Action with existing audienceEncourage customer loyalty and advocacyEducate audience on new innovationIncrease sales

8. Which one of these best describe how you would like to incorporate humor in your business?
Humor is core to my branding and communication. (e.g. Dollar Shave Club, Geico)I want to create humor content, but keep it separate from my core branding.I want to experiment with a one-off campaign or project.

9. Do you already have a marketing and/or production team?
We have a marketing team.We have a production team.We have both teams.We don't have either.