We did the impossible – how we made selling MRI machines fun!

Project Summary

The marketing team in charge of Global sales for Philip’s Diagnostic Imaging Department contacted us about providing humorous content for their annual sales training event.  The objective was to make the event more memorable and impactful than previous sales training events. Philips Diagnostic Division is comprised of 3 modalities: CT, (which sells CT and PET scan X-ray machines) MR (which sells MRI machines), and DXR (diagnostic reasoning machines). There were three days of training and each was geared towards one of the three.


The project was a huge challenge, actually several challenges: First, how do you make CAT scans and MRI machines funny. I hadn’t heard very many PET scan jokes. Second, the audience was the global sales force. Humor is very much derived from cultural references and shared experiences, so how could we make something funny that people from (32 countries) would understand, related to and find funny. Lastly, Philips is a huge company and we had to get approvals for all the content, in a very tight time frame.


After extensive strategy consultations, we found two writers in our database to write five scripts and two improv comedic actors to perform them at the three events, one in Cleveland and two in two days in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The event involved a series of PowerPoint presentations from various team leaders in the marketing and sales divisions of the three modalities. By creating entertaining skits, we brought context to the product offering.

“It was very professionally done and so much fun. Our sales team enjoyed it immensely.”

– Kees Wesdorp, Business Group Leader, Diagnostic Imaging


The project was considered a success because the skits created a memorable and fun event. Aside from those who watched at the event halls, sales people from all over the world tuned in online. One night there were over 600 people watching online. On that day over 80% of the viewers said in a poll that they enjoyed the skits and thought they were effective and would like to see something like that again.


  • 1000+ People tuned in online to watch
  • 7.7 NPS Score
  • 75% Favorability