Is there room for comedy in beauty? Heck yeah!

Project Summary

Our first client, Scentbird, is a Y-Combinator alum startup selling subscription designer fragrance to both women and men. Being a beauty startup brand, Scentbird naturally started out by working with regular YouTube influencers in the space. It wasn’t until they accidentally stumbled upon a funny YouTuber that they realized how much positive impact humor could have on their brand messaging. Even though this YouTuber had a fraction of the followers of the regular YouTube influencers that Scentbird had collaborated with, his wit and humor effectively captured people’s attention and conveyed an unexpected authenticity that made people want to try Scentbird, thus netting the startup more sales. Since then, Scentbird has been experimenting with more opportunities to add humor as they found adding humor on average increased their sales by 50% compared to non-humor-related campaigns and influencers.


Scentbird wanted to keep the streak going and needed a constant resource to add fresh humor to their campaigns. However, Scentbird had very particular criteria for the comedians they worked with. Most notably, they were looking for comedians that had very high energy and natural charisma.


We shortlisted the best comedians that fit Scentbird’s criteria. The first comedian we introduced made a selfie video with his iPhone and in his living room. It was a 2-minute monologue about his thoughts and experiences with the product, including some funny impressions of Obama and Morgan Freeman. The video cost $0 in production and took the comedian less than five minutes to shoot.

“We don’t care about their follower count. They just need to be funny. …. Something something … Except comedy – there’s always room for comedy.”


In just 3 weeks, our comedian’s video amassed 5 million views on Facebook, 30,000 shares, and over 1,000 new subscribers for Scentbird. Comments from Facebook audience ranged from: “Caught my attention in the first 5 seconds. Watched the whole thing. Wanted more and interested in product. Signing up”” Most interestingly, the audience knew it was an advertisement, but they enjoyed it even more. As some commented: “Alright I’ve seen a lot of Scentbird vids and I love them of their choice of people. This one takes the cake I’m definitely signing up for Scentbird now.” and “This advertising is gennnnniius. 😯” and “Now THAT’S how marketing is done!” and “Best. Advertisement. Ever.”


In 3 weeks…

5M Views on Facebook


1,000+ new subscribers