Funny cartoons help launch InSurtech Division at Techstars (sponsored by MetLife)

Project Summary

Techstars partnered up with MetLife to launch a new digital accelerator program specifically focused on supporting startups who are transforming the insurance industry. For MetLife, it offered a way for the company to both contribute to the budding startup scene and get access to new innovations in the field. Techstars, established in 2006 and one of the top accelerators, has its own venture fund and locations across major tech hub cities in the US including abroad. To kick off the program, Managing Director MJ Jung wanted to introduce humor into the launch campaign.


The melding of Insurance and technology is not the easiest topic to use humor. Large companies like Geico and Progressive have done a good job, but those are multi-million dollar campaigns. MJ wanted a series of illustrations with humorous captions. We discussed a few ways of approaching it, and presented a choice of illustrators and basic cartoon ideas.


After our strong recommendation, the client chose to go with Jason Chatfield as the cartoonist. We worked with him based on the subjects Techstars wanted to address: new types of insurance, cyber-hacking, health as it pertains to premiums, and general problems with perception of the industry by the public.