From Comedy to Copywriting

From Comedy to Copywriting

Being a comedian isn’t your typical 9-5 job. But somehow I managed to turn it into one. I chose comedy and comedy chose me. And we’re happily together, mom. It’s 2018 I can marry anyone or anything I want!

My comedy interests started at a young age with an older brother who one time convinced me to flush Duplo Legos down the toilet, thus ruining our entire plumbing system, I was pretty much forced to develop a sense of humor. As I grew older, my love for comedy started to manifest in more tangible ways.

I started collaborating with sketch groups, taking writing-focused classes, filming videos, and more. Most importantly, I started being more comfortable with who I was as a person — the weirdness, awkwardness and all.

Upon graduating college, I remember sitting down to actually think about what I should do with my life. We’ve all been there, right?

Turns out, a lot of local companies need help with writing, from taglines to white papers to website copy to ad campaigns. Because the fact remains true: Everyone can write. Fewer can write well.

I saw this as my opportunity to merge two of my favorite things: comedy and writing.

Realizing the Power of Humor

At the surface level, comedy and copywriting aren’t necessarily an obvious fit. The fact is, there’s an important intersection between comedy and marketing, and creatives can use this venn diagram to better connect with audiences — and to connect more authentically. That’s because humor is an extremely powerful concept in the world.

I tend to think about it as a lifestyle — something that is all-consuming, not just another hobby like eating ice cream before bed, and in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep, and also after waking up.

Humor is a great way to make sense of an increasingly confusing world. Using humor in stories can be uniting, and can make experiences more relatable and more human. Did you know that laughing even has a number of health benefits? It can even make you live longer. At the end of the day, humor is about emotions. And emotions lead to connections. That’s “Marketing 101,” and it’s why comedy and copywriting are such a perfect match.

When you think about it, the transition from comedy to copywriting (or vice versa) is a natural one, though not a traditional one. Most marketing professionals study the industry in school, take internships, and get hired at agencies. But that’s not the only way to build a successful marketing career. As a copywriter, you must do research, know your audience, ask questions, challenge yourself to dig deeper, and revise then revise again. These same concepts hold true with comedy. There’s a lot of overlap. It’s not surprising that many viral commercials and advertising campaigns happen as a result of partnering with humorists.

So why not hire more comedians?

I enjoy performing comedy just as much as I enjoy using humor to write a script for a client. Because in the end it really comes down to one thing: I like making people laugh, and I like making people think. I don’t care what stage I accomplish it on. I’m guessing if you’re reading this, then you probably feel the same way.

Whether you’re a comedian, copywriter, someone doing both, or a company looking to leverage those laughs, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the very real power of humor.

Here’s to comedy, here’s to developing a more engaging brand, and here’s to a world where we don’t get mad every time we go on the internet.