About Us

When Al Gore created the internet, he had a few simple goals in mind:

  • Ability to order food without having to talk to a person
  • Dank Memes and cat pics
  • Give businesses a place to put cool, engaging content right in the face of the consumer
al gore inventing the internet
(Al Gore hard at work inventing the internet)

At Bonmo, we can help with the last one! Good ol’ Al never envisioned how hard or costly it can be making creative content that suits your audience.

Hey we get it – we’re a team of marketers who’ve had to bang our heads against the wall more than a couple of times to come up with a witty quote. Luckily our cofounder Gideon has comedian friends – lots of them. It’s like a buffet of humor, wit, and creativity. And we want to make our network of creative talents available to you.

Bonmo makes it easier and more affordable to find the kind of professional comedians whose bread and butter is producing the kind of content that sticks and captures attention.

So say bon voyage to boring ads, and say Bonmo’yage to the content your customer actually wants to see!